Frequently Asked Questions

01) What is CurryBox?

CurryBox is a cloud kitchen that was created to provide nourishing, delicious and affordable rice & curry lunches to offices and homes in and around Colombo. Every time you order a CurryBox meal you will always get a healthy combination of vegetables that complement each other together with fish or meat with a balanced amount of rice based. We offer several variations of our CurryBox,

  • Budget: Rice with chicken/fish, 2 vegetable curries and papadam
  • Basic: Rice with chicken/fish, 3 vegetable curries, mallum of the day and papadam
  • Advanced: Rice with chicken/fish, 4 vegetable curries, mallum of the day and papadam
  • Premium: Basmati rice with seafood, 2-3 vegetable curries, salad of the day, fish cutlet and papadam
  • Vegetarian: Rice with 3 vegetable curries, mallum of the day and papadam. Egg can be added to your CurryBox as an extra

02) What are the subscription plans?

At CurryBox we provide two subscription plans. You can order lunches for several days reducing the hassle of having to order lunch everyday.

Weekly Plan

Order a minimum of 3 meals from Monday to Friday in the upcoming 7 days.

Monthly Plan

Order a minimum of 10 meals from any weekday in the upcoming 4 weeks.

03) What if I don’t like some curries on the menu?

At the time of creating your account, we offer the opportunity to tell us your food likes and dislikes. On the preferences page simply select the emoji that best tells us if you really like a curry, wouldn’t mind it being in your CurryBox or would definitely not want to receive that curry for your lunch. This helps us to ensure you will always be satisfied with your meal. Please note for optimal results it’s best to keep your “disliked” preferences to a minimum. These preferences can be changed at any time in your account here .

04) How do I make an order?

We take all orders through our website or app. If you require any assistance view this instruction video or make an enquiry via Whatsapp to +94779989244.

05) What times do you accept orders?

Orders can be placed through our app or website at any time on any day. The order will need to be placed by 12.00PM if you would like your CurryBox to arrive for lunch on the same day. Orders placed after 12.00PM can be scheduled to be delivered from the following day onward. If you make the order after 12.00PM but require lunch on the same day, it can be picked up from our kitchen at 503 Union Place, Colombo 2 prior to 2.30PM.

06) What days of the week is CurryBox open?

We will be open and cooking on all weekdays Mon - Sat. We are closed on weekends and public holidays.

07) What days of the week is CurryBox open?

All orders will be delivered between 11AM and 1.30PM on your selected days.

08) Do you have any vegetarian options?

Yes, we offer a vegetarian Options which can also be ordered as one of our subscription plans.

09) What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to all Addresses (offices and homes) in Colombo 1 to 15.

10) What payment options are available?

We accept payment with,

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Internet Banking

We do not accept cash payments.

11) What happens if I want my food delivered to a different address or on a different date after I have bought my subscription?

Simply submit the change via the form on our ‘contact us’ page or email the details to and we will change this detail on your order.

12) Do you have any corporate deals?

Yes, we do make meal deals for corporate orders. Contact us on our business Whatsapp 077 998 9244 to discuss.

13) Can I order a CurryBox on Ubereats or PickMe Food?

We are available on Uber Eats and Pick Me Foods. Orders can also be made on this website or our app.